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Ernährungsberatung Schorndorf


Also called: 2 types: Ceylon cinnamon: Caneel, Kaneel, real cinnamon,

China cinnamon: cassia, Chinese cinnamon, wood cinnamon, cinnamon cassia

(Saigon cinnamon: rarely used)



dried inner bark of the evergreen cinnamon laurel tree which is peeled, fermented and dried.

China cinnamon: mature trees


Harvest time:

May / June, October / November


Offer forms:

  • Cinnamon stick (rolled up, dried, nested pieces of the bark)

  • mainly Ceylon cinnamon: whole sticks of 8-10 cm or pieces of 2 cm

  • ground as a powder, mainly cassia cinnamon

  • Cinnamon oil



essential oils: cinnamaldehyde, eugenol, polyphenols, mucilage, tannins, coumarin (more with cassia)


Taste and smell:

Taste: burning spicy, somewhat sweet and fiery, not very tart

Cassia cinnamon: coarser + hotter, 

Ceylon cinnamon: more fragrant + flowery

Smell: pleasantly aromatic


Cooking and kitchen use with typical dishes:

Cinnamon sticks are allowed to cook, powder is added to the food.

Dosage sparingly!


Cinnamon stick:

Soups: fruit and milk soups

Game: pickling and stews

Poultry: cinnamon chicken

Sauces: spicy or sweet cinnamon sauce, fruit and chocolate sauce, wine sauce

Desserts: compotes, pickled fruits, semolina and rice dishes

Other: sweet and sour pickled fruit or vegetables


Cinnamon powder:

Meat: exotic meat dishes from beef, lamb and pork, especially in Arab and Mexican cuisine

Poultry: fruit fillings for geese, ducks, turkey

Desserts: with dairy products, cinnamon creams, cinnamon waffles, cinnamon rice

Pastries: cinnamon rolls, cinnamon stars, yeast biscuits with cinnamon and raisin filling, apple, pear, cherry and plum cake

Drinks: teas, punch, iced coffee

Other: with rice pudding, semolina porridge, poor knight

Use within dietetics:

with loss of appetite, slight cramp-like pain in the gastrointestinal tract, gas, bloating

"Your food should be your remedies , & your remedies should be your food."

Hippocrates (460-370 BC)

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