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Ernährungsberatung Schorndorf
Früchte und Gemüse

 General terms and conditions 

1. General

The following conditions apply to every form of nutritional advice & therapy & prevention courses. By placing the order with Ms. Sarah Mörstedt, the customer recognizes this as solely binding for the contractual relationship.

2.1 Offer - conclusion of contract
For consultations, the contract is concluded through an oral agreement by telephone at an initial appointment or email contact, or through written registration. Registrations for group consultations / seminars will be considered in chronological order.

2.1.1 Conditions of participation

Participants agree to the following conditions of participation in the consultation: “I am aware of the following: I am taking part in an offer from Sarah Mörstedt at my own risk. I know that counseling is not a substitute for psychological or medical treatment. I will inform Sarah Mörstedt of any serious physical and mental illnesses before the first appointment. I am able to take full responsibility for myself and my actions during the consultation. I know that participation requires normal health and resilience. They are not a substitute for medical or therapeutic treatment (other than nutritional therapy). I pay for damage I have caused myself and release the organizer from all liability claims. "

2.2 Pricing - Fee
I take a description of the services and fees from the offer on the website / or the cost estimate received. The prices mentioned in Ms. Mörstedt's offer are binding (to the costs & reimbursement) . Changes must be made in writing. The client also has to bear those costs that arise from a subsequent change initiated by him. Consultancy services for companies, health insurance companies or other institutions can be found in the corresponding price list. For external appointments by private individuals outside of Ms. Mörstedt's premises, there are additional costs depending on the route and duration of the journey. The price is calculated in minutes based on time. The amount specified in the pricing is due for every 15 minutes or part thereof. The time expended is calculated from the booked appointment or, if you come earlier, this will be taken into account. Processing fee for sending the invoice by post (€ 4.90).

Online counseling: The price is identical to that of face-to-face counseling.

Information on data protection: Data protection-proof & tested according to the KBV.

Please send me the completed data protection declaration of consent for Red connect video consultation (PDF) before the start of the online consultation by e-mail to

2.3 Modes of Payment
Invoicing takes place after the service has been carried out. The invoice amount is due immediately without deductions in cash or bank transfer. For all payments, the participant / customer number assigned by the contractor and the invoice number, as well as surname and first name, must be given as allocation features. The customer bears the risk as a result of missing allocation terms and possibly incorrectly allocated incoming payments. Deviating terms of payment must be made in writing. In the event of non-payment after the first payment reminder, the contractor will commission a law firm to collect the receivables. The debtor bears any resulting costs and other default costs.

2.4 Reimbursement of costs by health insurance companies

For the possible subsidization of the consulting costs by my health insurance  I am responsible for the costs and reimbursement. I undertake to assume the costs incurred. These can differ from the cost estimate or offer after consultation. Invoices and confirmation of participation for the health insurance company are issued after all contractually agreed consultation units have been completed. Ms. Mörstedt points out that the client independently inquires with his health insurance company how high the subsidy for nutritional advice / therapy / courses etc. is for him personally, as each health insurance company has its own subsidies / bonuses for its insured persons. In individual cases, the health insurance companies can also issue an individual decision on the assumption of costs. Ms. Mörstedt has nothing to do with the subsequent reimbursement of costs by the health insurances, the advice from Ms. Mörstedt is the sole service and the client asks for his subsidy independently. Costs are usually reimbursed after the treatment has been carried out and payment has been made. We ask for your understanding that the amount of the reimbursement is determined by each health insurance company and the reimbursement amount differs from one fund to the next. We have no influence on this and you must reimburse the costs. Please ask your health insurance company for the exact amount, as the amounts vary from one fund to the next. You will receive information on how much the reimbursement for the consultation will be in your case. If you wish, I will also be happy to prepare a cost estimate and send it to you by email.

2.5 Withdrawal from the contract
Ms. Mörstedt can withdraw from the contract if the minimum number of participants is not reached or the speaker falls ill. If orders are canceled - for whatever reason - Ms. Mörstedt has the right to charge the costs incurred up to then according to the expenditure. Appointments that are not met and are not canceled in good time (at least 48 hours in advance) will incur a cancellation fee in the amount of the agreed consultation costs / course fee (consultation: initial consultation 90 minutes, follow-up consultation 60 minutes). You are welcome to write me an email & cancel / postpone your appointment or leave a message on the answering machine to cancel / postpone the appointment. In the event of illness and the associated short-term cancellation less than 48 hours in advance, a medical certificate must be presented. Without submitting this certificate, a cancellation fee in the amount of the agreed consulting costs / course fee including an invoice and processing fee of 4.90 euros will be due.


3. Gift Certificates

Our vouchers are not personal and can be redeemed for an unlimited period of time! You only pay for the service that the voucher entitles you to receive. There is also a processing fee of 3 euros.

Reimbursement of costs by health insurance companies: If the recipient presents a doctor's prescription at the first appointment, the consultation costs can be partially / completely covered by the health insurance company. In advance, ask your health insurance company to what extent the advice is subsidized (for reimbursement) . Otherwise, the provisions on reimbursement of costs by health insurance companies apply as described in section 2.4.

Payment: PayPal in advance or you can use the contact form and transfer after ordering or pay in cash on site.

Liability: The purchase contract is deemed to be concluded and binding upon receipt of your payment of the invoice amount. At the same time, the voucher becomes valid and can be redeemed.
Revocation: You can revoke the purchase contract within 14 days without giving a reason and get your money back.
Redemption: The service is provided through a previously agreed meeting with Sarah Mörstedt. It is not possible to redeem the voucher for its monetary value.

4. Certificates
Certificates of attendance will be issued on request if there are no more outstanding bills.

5. Obligations of the contractual partners
Ms. Mörstedt guarantees to advise you according to the latest state of nutritional medicine. All recommendations and analyzes are made to the best of our knowledge and belief. The dietician does not accept any liability for the content of such recommendations. The success of nutritional advice is largely beyond the dietician's sphere of influence and depends largely on the client's cooperation. Counseling is helping people to help themselves. The advice / training takes place according to the quality standards of Vfed eV (Association for Dietetics and Nutrition Advice eV). Continuous further and advanced training is a matter of course. Dietitians are subject to confidentiality according to Section 203 of the Criminal Code! The client undertakes to provide the contractor with the necessary information on the facts that are important for nutritional advice. This includes, for example, taking medication, previous illnesses, current illnesses, diets, the number and extent of meals and other nutritional advice. In the initial consultation, the client declares his consent in writing that the family doctor or the referring specialist may be released from the contractor's duty of confidentiality, if he so wishes. The client is informed that nutritional advice / therapy cannot replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment or regular check-ups.

6. Protection of property
The client guarantees that reports and analyzes prepared by the dietician as part of the nutritional advice are only used for their own purposes. To this extent, the client receives the irrevocable, unrestricted and non-transferable right to use the results.

7. Processing of nutritional advice
The subject of the order is the provision of an agreed service, not the achievement of a certain physical success. The commissioned services are deemed to have been provided when the necessary analyzes and consultations have taken place and any questions that may arise have been answered. The client receives a service that cannot be returned after it has been provided or received  is. the  Exercising a right of withdrawal after receipt of the service is therefore not possible .

8. Liability for Damage
If the recommendations of the contractor are not adhered to or if the client makes unauthorized changes to the consulting documents, there is no liability. Ms. Mörstedt is not liable for incorrect information provided by the client. The contractor's liability for breaches of contractual obligations as well as for tort is limited to intent and gross negligence. This does not apply to injuries to life, body and health of the participant, claims due to injury to  Cardinal duties  and compensation for damage caused by delay (§ 286 BGB). In this respect, we are liable for every degree of fault. The aforementioned exclusion of liability also applies to slightly negligent breaches of duty by agents of the contractor. Liability for any type of damage, including consequential damage, resulting from the use of the information published on the contractor's website is excluded.

9. Storage of data
Ms. Mörstedt points out that the data arising in connection with the contractual relationship will be stored by him for the purpose of data processing. The current guidelines on the Data Protection Act (GDPR) apply, see website.

10. Final provisions
The place of performance and place of payment is Ebersbacher Weg 31, Schorndorf. If these terms and conditions contain individual provisions that are or become ineffective or void, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. An ineffective provision will be replaced by one that comes closest to the ineffective provision, is effective and fulfills its meaning and purpose in a similar manner.

Online disputes - ODR-VO

To settle an online dispute, you have the option of using the EU Commission's online dispute resolution platform: Continue to the direct link (

At "" you can enter your email address, then the case can be processed.

VSBG in disputes

I do not take part in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board, but I am legally obliged to refer you to a consumer arbitration board responsible for you: General consumer arbitration board of the Center for Arbitration eV, Straßburgerstr. 8 in 77694 Kehl. Go to the direct link (https://www.verbü

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