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Ernährungsberatung Schorndorf

One sees clearly only with the heart.

The essential is invisible to the eyes.


Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"The little Prince"

Genustraining Hypnose Ernährungsbratung Mörstedt Ernährungstherapie Medizinisch Beratung

Learn self hypnosis

We are what we think.

All we are

arises from our thoughts.

We form the world with our thoughts.



Don't expect miracles from self hypnosis

- but results that will last your life ...


We make 5% of our decisions consciously, 95% of our decisions are controlled by the subconscious (feelings, thoughts, behaviors, etc.)

What you think is not expressed, but it will get stuck in your subconscious and thus has a direct effect on your body and also on your eating behavior. I would like to support you to reach your full potential and to achieve a real improvement for your health. Every person "ticks" differently, therefore only your individual situation and way of thinking / perception / evaluation and feelings - you as a person can be viewed individually. This must be taken into account in particular in the consultation. Pay attention to your thoughts! Your subconscious listens and remembers everything! Please be good to yourself - your glass is half full & not half empty.


Enjoy life for more health and well-being in everyday life.


Enjoying without regrets, is that possible?

Our eating behavior is influenced by numerous factors:

Eating habits can be changed:

  • Healthy eating habits can be learned!

  • Conscious enjoyment is a training of mindfulness.

  • Think about it.

  • Your attitude determines how you feel

  • whether you enjoy & whether you want to change something

  • Directing your attention to your own needs, feelings & senses

  • Goal: Integrate many moments of pleasure into everyday life

  • You know best what is good for you

  • Less is usually MORE!

"The dose makes the poison". Paracelsus (1493-1541)

All food is allowed, only the amount of food is decisive.

There are no prohibited foods & you are not dieting .

They simply eat fully healthy, needs and needs-oriented, no more and no less.

How you can put this into practice and do it permanently, I'll show you.

Benefits of enjoyment training

  • Strengthening & increasing your inner satisfaction & joie de vivre

  • this gives you a better quality of life

  • recognize that we can regulate our inner satisfaction ourselves

  • Strengthening your immune system because you feel good

  • Stress reduction through relaxation

  • Perceive food more consciously & consciously feel hunger / satiety.

  • Strengthening your own resources: consciously treat yourself to something & take time for yourself.

  • Increase your motivation for a healthy life

  • Self-hypnosis - strengthening the subconscious through the power of imagination.

  • Train intuitive, natural eating behavior.

  • Strengthen your inner attitude towards yourself: accept yourself & feel good in your body

  • Strengthen your inner attitude towards food: Feel more gratitude for food and for your meals

  • Accept yourself, be in harmony with your body & get a positive body feeling

  • If you have an eating disorder, lose your fear of eating.

Open up to enjoyment so that the enjoyment training succeeds:

  • I can relax. I can enjoy.

  • Pay full attention to your concentration on the food.

  • Avoid one-sided nutrition & enjoy the variety of foods.

  • This also prevents deficiency symptoms.

Use all your senses: sight - smell - feel - hearing - taste

  • Give yourself permission to enjoy

  • Don't get distracted.

  • Feel your inner attitude - are you ready to enjoy?

  • Get ready: your body & soul want to recharge your batteries and zest for life.

  • Through your conscious body experience you strengthen your soul and get more balance

  • Take a little time just before you want to eat a meal: 2 - 5 min.

  • sit or lie down relaxed, close your eyes & feel your body

  • Feel inside yourself & get ready to enjoy.

  • Are you hungry or do you feel good all round?

  • All of your attention is on your senses

  • Look at the food: what does it look like?

  • Taste: How does the food feel?

  • Smell: how does it smell?

  • When you are ready to eat your meal: Make sure you take the time for the first spoonful

  • & apply the training.

  • Taste: How does the food / dish taste?

  • Sense of taste: We taste sweet things on the tip of the tongue, sour food on the edge of the tongue, salty food all over the surface of the tongue, bitter food at the back. I hope you enjoy exploring?


Hypnosis - enjoyment training

Permanently change eating habits

Use the power of your subconscious to further process disturbing or hindering thoughts, feelings and attitudes and to anchor the behavior change deeply in your subconscious.  While you are in deep relaxation, the conscious mind is practically taking a "coffee break", you gain access to your subconscious. All your memories, events and feelings are saved here.

If required, you will receive 1 relaxation hypnosis within the nutritional counseling, if you wish.

Founder of modern hypnotherapy:

Milton H. Erickson  (American psychiatrist - 1901--1980)


Use self-hypnosis in your everyday life

Create space for (eating) decisions through introspection.

You alone have the freedom and power to choose your response to an eating stimulus.

Body and soul want to be nourished.

Pay attention to your feelings, be mindful of yourself.

Habits are often firmly anchored.

If you are in harmony with your current life situation,

is the best basis for long-term success.

Giving new thinking space for new behavior.

Change with depth and ease.

The power of thoughts is stronger than you think!

Think positively.

Use the power of your inner strength to improve your eating habits.

Your own suggestions, images, feelings, experiences & unconscious processes help to implement your own goals in a natural way. We will use this knowledge for you during the consultation. Get involved in self-hypnosis & you will see how you will achieve your goals more easily and thereby you will feel better!

Steps of self-hypnosis

  1. Formulate your own suggestion 

  2. Symptom conversion   

  3. Symptom replacement 

  4. Symptom improvement

Genustrainng Geusscoaching Sarah Mörstedt Genießen kann man Lenn Diätetik Ernährungsberatung

"Your food should be your remedies , & your remedies should be your food."

Hippocrates (460-370 BC)

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