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Ernährungsberatung Schorndorf
Ernährngsberaung ganzheitlich

With fun & joy to success!

Be yourself





Sarah Moerstedt

Nutritionist & Dietition
Mental strengthening & motivation for your healthy life

Hello & welcome, nice to have you here! I am Sarah and I work with all my heart and love in my nutritional psychological counseling practice.  You will find intensive professional support here. Through my training, studies and ongoing training, I have a training certificate that is the basis for reimbursement by health insurance companies.


I look forward to supporting you with a diet that meets your needs and needs, for a life with more well-being and health.

Learn more about:

A healthy diet can prevent and heal.

Use the natural power of our food for a healthy whole:


For more efficiency!

For a strong heart!

For a healthy bowel!

For healthy teeth and bones!

Prevent illnesses!

DEIN Leben - DEINE Ernährung - DEINE Gesundheit

Nierenerkrankungen Ernährungsberatung
Verdauungstrakt Gastrointestinaltrakt
Ernährung für das Colon / Dickdarm
Magen Gaster Ernährung bei Magenerkrankungen

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Praxisstandort: Ebersbacher Weg 31
73614 Schorndorf
Baden Würtemberg

Ernährungsberatung Sarah Mörstedt
Praxis für Ganzheitliche ErSarah Mörstedtährungsbertung & Ernährungstherapie Sarah Mörstedt Diätassistentin Gesundheitspädagogin (B.A.) Diätetik Schorndorf
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