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Also: The scientific name of the Pimpinelle is "Sanguisorba minor".

Botanically it is called "Little Wiesenknopf".

There are also some popular names, such as B. Bibernelle.


The pimpinelle is a perennial herbaceous plant. It can be 20-100 cm high. The stem is upright with unpaired leaves. They are ovate to rounded, toothed and have a short stalk. The flowering period is from May to August. The flowers are greenish-red, spherical to elliptical and grow as terminal knobs. The upper flowers are female, the middle ones often hermaphroditic and the lower ones male. The fresh or dried herb is used for use in the kitchen.


Harvest time:

The pimpinelle can be harvested at any time. However, it is best to collect the herb during the flowering period from June to September.


Offer forms:

Pimpinelle is generally not offered in stores. If you plant them yourself in the garden, you can use them fresh or dried. However, when it dries, it loses some of its aroma. They can also be frozen for preservation or soaked in oil, vinegar, salt or lemon juice. A good aroma is obtained especially by soaking them in lemon juice.



The main ingredients of the Pimpinelle are hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives such as phenol carboxylic acids, tannins, flavonoids, triterpenes and saponins.


Taste and smell:

The smell of the pimpinelle can be described as cucumber-like.

It also tastes slightly cucumber-like and nutty.


Cooking and kitchen use with typical dishes:

It is added to the finished food first, otherwise it would lose its aroma. Only the young leaves are used. Before chopping, you should drizzle the herb with lemon juice to prevent it from turning brown.

It is preferred in French and Italian cuisine, but not quite as well known in German cuisine.


Soups: potato soup, asparagus soup, herb soup, vegetable soup, vegetable cold bowls

Salads: leaf salad, tomato salad, cucumber salad, potato salad                        

Fish: poached fish, steamed fish, seafood

Sauces: one of the seven herbs of the Frankfurt Green Sauce, dressings, dips, mayonnaise sauces

Vegetable side dish: marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, cucumber vegetables, zucchini vegetables, legumes

Desserts: Refine sorbets with strawberries and peaches

Other: herb butter, on bread and butter, egg dishes, quark, cream cheese, flavoring of herb vinegar, flavoring of cold drinks; White wine punch, mixed milk drinks


Use within dietetics:

Pimpinelle has an appetizing effect.

"Your food should be your remedies , & your remedies should be your food."

Hippocrates (460-370 BC)

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