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Also: Petroselinum crispum, Peterle, Peterchen, Peterling, Bittersilche, Root parsley, Tuber parsley


Parsley was discovered in the Mediterranean. It is grown all over Europe.

There will be two types  differentiated:

a) Leaf parsley: curly-leaved / flat-leaved

Belongs to the umbellifer family. The leaves are divided into several triple teeth, shiny on the top, have three leaves each on a stem and at the  With curly-leaved parsley, the leaves are also heavily frayed.

b) root parsley ("tuber parsley")

The only difference between its leaves and leaf parsley is their length and size.

The tuber becomes up to 15cm long and is yellowish-white.

In the first year they grow  smooth or curly leaves and a flower with yellow-green umbels grows in the second year.


Harvest time:

The parsley herb can be bought all year round. In summer it grows in spice beds, in the garden or in window boxes and in winter in greenhouses. Parsley roots are harvested from June-November.


Offer forms:

  • Fresh

  • Dried: cut

  • Freeze-dried: cut

  • Frozen goods



  • Essential oils

  • vitamin C

  • Stairs

  • Myristicin


Taste and smell:


Curly parsley: Strong, slightly bitter.

Flat leaf parsley: Mild, flavorful

Parsley root: sweetish, slightly hot.


Smell: Fresh: Spicy, intense. Dried / Freeze-dried: Rather unpleasant odor.


Cooking and kitchen technical use:

You should keep parsley in a cool and dark place. They are best stored fresh in a glass of water or in a damp cloth in the refrigerator.

When dried / freeze-dried, it is best to store it in a closed container in airtight packaging.

Flat-leaf parsley is used for seasoning, while curly parsley is used for decoration. Fresh parsley must not be cooked as this will cause the color and vitamins to be lost. Dried / freeze-dried parsley should be brought to the boil once and then allowed to draw with it.

Parsley root is mainly used as a component of the bouquet garni, as a vegetable side dish.


Dishes - parsley leaf

Soup / stews: herb soup, carrot soup, potato soup, parsley soup, cauliflower soup, asparagus soup, as a garnish for broths with a filler.

Meat / poultry: grilled meat with herb butter, schnitzel with lemon wedge and parsley garnish, boiled beef with herb sauce, in minced meat batter, in fillings for poultry.

Fish: Steamed fish with herb butter, fried fish with parsley dip, "Müllerinart",

Herbal trout

Egg dishes: pancakes, scrambled eggs, filled eggs, boiled eggs as a garnish for cold plates, omelets, egg fricassee

Vegetables: cauliflower, carrots, black salsify, kohlrabi, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas

Salads: Dressing of leaf salads, radish salad, pea salad, chicken salad, fish salad, egg salad, sausage salad, meat salad

Other: Dumplings, parsley potatoes, Maultaschen, as a coloring agent for pasta, part of the herb bouquet, mixed milk drinks, vegetable juice with parsley

Dishes - parsley root

Soups / stews: pureed parsley cream soup, as an insert in clear soups, pureed white bean soup with parsley root, parsnip parsley cream soup

Meat / poultry: Steamed chicken breast, poached pork, with braised beef

Fish: steamed parsley root with cod and cream sauce, saithe with steamed parsley roots

Vegetables: stewed, steamed


Parsley roots in cream sauce, as a filling for pancakes; vegetable casserole


Use in dietetics:

Parsley has an appetizing and diuretic effect due to the high potassium content.

"Your food should be your remedies , & your remedies should be your food."

Hippocrates (460-370 BC)

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