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Ernährungsberatung Schorndorf


Also: Knofel, Knofi, Knowwlich, Windwurzel, Gruserich, "Vanilla of the poor man / the poor woman" (Austria)



Perennial plant with an onion the size of a child's fist divided into many “toes”, long, dark green leaves and greenish white flowers

Family: Leek family / bulb family

Spring à shoots of garlic cloves sprout with flat stems à wither in midsummer, toe thickens and becomes a tuber, this contains several cloves (5-20 pieces)

Toes = curved, elongated

Main toe is in the ground

Onion and toes surrounded by a thin, white / reddish shell

Homeland: India, Central Asia; Southern and Central Europe

Growth height: 70cm high stem, includes the drooping leaves

Flower heads form 20-30 small bulbs and greenish sterile flowers, the whole thing is surrounded by an elongated leaf sheath

Recovered plant part: cloves of garlic à onion bulb of garlic


Harvest time:

July to September


Offer forms:

Whole fresh onions, loose, bundled over leaf remnants or intertwined like a braid (garlic braids) à less strong in smell. Summer garlic à unripe onions with green, full or shortened leaves. Dried as a tuber or as a plait. Dried or freeze-dried flakes, slices, granules or powder. Pureed garlic, garlic dry extract, garlic salt (40% garlic powder, 60% table salt), garlic juice (see description below)

Smoked garlic bulbs (longer shelf life due to loss of germinability)

Garlic essential oil.



Essential oil à contains alliin and derivatives and other sulfur-containing organic compounds, saponins and flavonoids, adenosine, vitamins: vitamins B1, vitamins A and C.


Taste and smell:

Very hot and aromatic, slightly burning, leek-like

Strong smell: smells intense, pungent, spicy

Unpleasant odor after consumption due to the breakdown products of sulfur-containing ingredients (alliin is converted to allicin)


Cooking and kitchen use with typical dishes:

Use sparingly!

Aim: To improve / enhance the taste

Use whole for soups and sauces and remove before consumption

Lightly sautéing in fat develops a full aroma, but when browning it becomes bitter


Soups: spinach soup, vegetable soups: minestrone, legume soups: lentil and bean soup, potato soup, bouillabaisse

Stews: caldo de pescade, cassoulet, chilli con carne, minestrone con pesto

Meat dishes: pork: roast, goulash, steak; Lamb: lamb goulash, roast mutton, leg of lamb, ragout; Poultry: chicken curry, skewers, fried and braised chicken; Beef: goulash, roast, "vanilla roast" (vanilla (Austria) à garlic), sauerbraten; Game meat: ragout, goulash, roast; Pickling meat

Fish dishes: Fried and grilled sea fish, zarzuela (Spanish fish pan)

Egg dishes: omelets

Starch side dish: fried potatoes, risotto, ribbon noodles

Vegetable side dish: Vegetable dishes with tomatoes, aubergines and stewed cucumbers, spinach leaves, Swiss chard, zucchini, mushrooms, peppers

Leaf salads / raw vegetable salads: hearty leaf salads, meat, fish, egg salad, tomato salad, mushroom salad

Other: Garlic butter, sausage production (salami, garlic sausage, garlic boiled sausage), aioli - Provencal garlic mayonnaise, mayonnaise (fine sauces) à Skordalia (Greek mayonnaise), cheese fondue, curd cheese and dips, garlic bread and baguette (see description below), garlic juice ), Tzatziki, spicy cheese, minced meat or mushroom pockets


Use within dietetics:                                                           

Garlic has a positive effect on the vascular system, has an influence on blood pressure and blood fat levels, and garlic has a positive effect on gastrointestinal disorders


Garlic juice:


Product name: Vitalliin

An ancient wisdom:
Nature is our most valuable source of strength, wellbeing and thus vitality.


Only selected types of garlic combined with apples, pears, honey and lemons are used in the production of Vitalliin.

Vitalliin binds a high proportion of the healthy allicin.


  • We recommend 2 cl. (Shot glass) daily

  • Guaranteed no vapors through the pores of the skin.

  • Odor in the mouth and throat is avoided if Vitalliin is taken during a meal.

  • Vitalliin contains no additives, no alcohol and is not heated.

The enzyme alliinase and alliin are contained in garlic. When Alliin is transformed by means of Alliinase, the valuable essential oil Allicin is created.

Traditionally used to prevent general vascular calcification. This information is based solely on tradition.


1 bottle € 19.40

Also available in the pharmacy.

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"Your food should be your remedies , & your remedies should be your food."

Hippocrates (460-370 BC)

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