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Ernährungsberatung Schorndorf


Also: cardomom, cardamoms


= Seeds of a genus of the ginger family (Elettaria)

There are two types: The Malabar cardamom (India) - greatest importance -  and the

Ceylon cardamom: 2-4m high reed-like perennials with brownish fruit pods, the still green seed pods are harvested before they are ripe and carefully dried. The actual spice are the up to twenty small black, round seeds of the three-part seed capsule.

It is an Asian spice from India, which has a very high price, after saffron and vanilla.


Harvest time:

all year round


Offer forms:

green cardamom, white cardamom (bleached), brown cardamom                          

(Subspecies) dried, whole, ground seeds (ground with the shell, pure cardamom seeds ground)



5% essential oils (over 120 different): monoterpenes, terpinols, hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives


Taste and smell:

Taste: characteristically sweet and burning (compare with eucalyptus)

Odor: camphor-like


Cooking and kitchen use with typical dishes:

The spice is mainly ground and sparingly added to the food!


Soups: clear meat broth, cold fruit bowls

Fine fish: carp, tench, whitefish, sole, golden bass

Meat: Roast beef, minced meat, steaks, goulash, all veal dishes, chicken, all poultry fillings, lamb, roast pork, game pate

Offal: liver pate, liver dumplings, heart dishes

Eggs: pancakes, batter for fruit

Desserts: fruit, fruit salad, compotes, pudding, casseroles

Pastries: gingerbread, stollen, apple pie, pepper nuts

Drinks: Liqueur preparations, punch, milkshakes, coffee (in Arab countries)

Other: Component of curry and sausage spice mixes, Asian dishes, rice dishes



Use within dietetics:

appetite stimulating and digestive effect, increases gastric juice secretion

"Your food should be your remedies , & your remedies should be your food."

Hippocrates (460-370 BC)

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