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Ernährungsberatung Schorndorf


Also: Gurkenkraut, Gurkenkönig, Borgel, Himmelstern, Wohlgemut


Borage is an annual, bushy plant. It grows up to 80cm high with its strong, bristly hairy stems. The elongated oval leaves are also very hairy. The star-shaped, bright blue flowers appear all summer. They are edible like the leaves. Borage sows itself.


Harvest time

The young, tender leaves and flowers can be harvested all summer.

Offer forms

fresh, frozen, (dried it quickly loses its aroma)


Tannins, mucilages

Taste and smell

Taste: It tastes fresh, spicy, cucumber-like

Smell: It also has an intense cucumber odor.


Cooking and kitchen use with typical dishes

Soup: potato soup, tomato soup, cold cucumber bowl, cold melon bowl, vegetable stew

Fillings: fish, meat

Sauces: herb sauce, dips, mustard sauce, Frankfurt green sauce

Vegetables: stewed cucumber, spinach, beans, mushrooms

Salads: cucumber salad, leafy salad, tomato salad, carrot salad, zucchini salad, potato salad

Other: herbal quark, cucumber juice, fruit drinks, summer punch


Use in dietetics

Borage has an anti-inflammatory effect on kidney and bladder problems and also on phlebitis.

"Your food should be your remedies , & your remedies should be your food."

Hippocrates (460-370 BC)

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