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Ernährungsberatung Schorndorf
Sarah Mörstedt Ernährungsberaterin
Mental training

for children & adults
Designed with love - Handmade -

Develop new beliefs

For your happy life

Your soul shower with my mindfulness


Affirmationen für deine Ernährungsumstellung
Dear friend,

I developed these affirmations for you, for more joie de vivre, gratitude & happiness in your life.
Chronic physical symptoms are always accompanied by a stress reaction or emotional blockages. Unprocessed events can subconsciously weaken your well-being for years. Affirmations are effective & successful. The positive energy of the affirmations / mantras / beliefs affect our subconscious. In this way, spoken, read or thought daily, they can lead to more happiness and a life full of lightness and love.


On average, a person has 50,000 thoughts in a day. This world of thoughts is closely related to feelings and actions. Unfortunately, too often negative thoughts outweigh this, which in the long run can lead to depression and serious mental illness. Affirmations are an effective way to create motivating thoughts & a healthy self-image for every "problem" or life situation or goal you want to achieve. Through repetitions you can reprogram your subconscious, become more positive & your wishes become reality.  

I cordially invite you to create your own happiness, health, prosperity and a life full of self-realization. Give away more luck, lovingly handcrafted - handmade. It is important to me to provide many affirmations so that you can pick out the ones that you particularly like & that are suitable for you.
Of course, you should always seek medical advice first if you have any complaints. You can use the affirmations as a supplement to your medically recommended therapy.
The affirmations can also be used in addition to counseling or independently.
Mental strengthening through positive thought power to achieve your goals!
The affirmation backgrounds are pictures painted or photographed by myself (set healing)


Each set with 66 affirmations & instructions each - content

  • I explain what affirmations / beliefs are, how they work.

  • Step-by-step instructions will help you make the cards / posters.

  • I will show you 7 rules on how you can easily create your own positive affirmations and how you can use the cards in everyday life. ​​

  • The affirmations are short because it was important to me that even small children understand them well.

  • I give options how the affirmations can be used.
    The color of the cards naturally arouses interest.
    This is supported by the uniform coloring. The cards are graphically displayed in such a way that they are well structured and uniformly divided despite the first, quite colorful impression (it is always the same colorful positive wave background as seen on the 1st product image). The affirmations are written in such a way that even novice readers can try to read the affirmations themselves. The writing is always the same and easy to read, even for children.

  • Usable as  cards  cut in free form or square  laminated or printed on cardboard

  • or usable as  poster  

Program yourself NOW for health, self-love, weight loss, gain success AND MUCH MORE
My mental training
with 66 affirmations & instructions each
Affirmationen mentale Stärkung Sarah Mörstedt Selbstliebe Selbstwert

Wenn du Interesse an einem Set hast, sende mir eine Nachricht!

Ich freue mich, wenn ich dich unterstützen kann.

Deine Sarah

Ernährungsberatung Sarah Mörstedt
Praxis für Ganzheitliche ErSarah Mörstedtährungsbertung & Ernährungstherapie Sarah Mörstedt Diätassistentin Gesundheitspädagogin (B.A.) Diätetik Schorndorf
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