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Ernährungsberatung Schorndorf
Seal of approval for your food offer


Image optimization of your canteen!


DGE seal of approval: Certification options in the following areas:

RAL seal of approval "Competence Correct Eating" Possibilities for certification in the following areas:

Aim: to optimize your meal plans for a wholesome diet!

Would you like to acquire a seal of approval & need help implementing the quality standards?

I would be happy to support you in realizing your certification or answer your questions about it.

Together we will look for solutions for your menu from a nutritional, ecological and seasonal point of view  to be improved taking into account the following aspects:

  1. Rationality

  2. Business efficiency

  3. Legal framework

  4. Structural-logistical aspects.

  5. Nutritional physiology of your food according to the current recommendations of the DGE


Upon request, your dishes can be made additive-free with predominantly seasonal & organic ingredients. Think of tasty vegan / vegetarian dishes or allergen-free dishes for your customers. I would also be happy to optimize consistency-defined diets in your facility, revise your recipes and do the associated nutritional calculations.

Any questions? Talk to us, we look forward to helping you.

Ernährungsberatung Sarah Mörstedt
Praxis für Ganzheitliche ErSarah Mörstedtährungsbertung & Ernährungstherapie Sarah Mörstedt Diätassistentin Gesundheitspädagogin (B.A.) Diätetik Schorndorf
VDD Sarah Mörstedt Diätassistentin VDD Logo
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